About Ouray

"The Switzerland of America"
"Gem of the Rockies"
"The Jeep Capital of the World"

These are nicknames for the town of Ouray that is centered in one of the most spectacular areas of Colorado. Ouray offers endless possibilities of sports, trips, and pure relaxation during your next stay at Bridal Veil Bed & Breakfast.

Ouray is located in southwest Colorado on US Highway 550, approximately 80 miles north of Durango and 35 miles south of Montrose. The 24 mile portion of Highway 550 between Ouray and Silverton is called "The Million Dollar Highway." This stretch of road is a part of the "San Juan Skyway," which is one of the most scenic mountains drives in the United States.

At an elevation of 7,760 feet and with a year round population of 700 people, Ouray is graced with beautiful Victorian architecture all nestled in a box canyon formed in the San Juan Mountains. The entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Districts.


Map of the Ouray area
Map of Ouray showing the location of the townhouse

The area that is now Ouray was originally occupied by the Ute Indians. The natural hot springs of Ouray were considered sacred and served as pilgrimage sites for the Ute.

Originally called Uncompahgre (Un-com-pah-gray) City, the town was later named for Chief Ouray (1833-1880). Chief Ouray was a famous leader and spokesman for the Ute people.

Gold-seeking miners soon turned the area into a mining town by 1876. At that time, over 400 people, 214 houses, 1 school, 43 children, 2 mercantiles, 2 sash and door factories, 2 blacksmiths, a sawmill, a sampling works, 2 hotels, and a U.S. Post Office made up the town of Ouray.

Within ten years, Ouray had more than 1,000 inhabitants. Most of Ouray was built from 1880 to 1900. And, most of the original building are still standing today.

Come stay at Bridal Veil Bed & Breakfast for your next vacation to enjoy our stunning setting and learn more about our rich history. The Ouray Museum will be a wonderful start to your stay.  



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